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Benefits of Booch

Health Booster
Health Booster
Thirst Quencher
Thirst Quencher
Improves Digestion
Improves Digestion

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Currently available around Nairobi in restaurants, cafes, and select retail outlets. Purchase from a Carrefour, Chandarana, Healthy U, Zucchini, Artcaffe Market, Onn the Way, or a Fresh2Go near you.

Locate all of our outlets here:

For home deliveries, order online via GreenSpoon, Chupa Chap Kenya, Jumia Party, Glovo, ArtCaffe Market, Zucchini Online

We are actively seeking new outlets for Booch and if you are
interested in stocking, CLICK HERE to drop us an email.

Our Story

Booch is a story of personal passion turned commercial adventure. After tasting kombucha in other countries, we were disappointed to find it wasn’t available in Kenya. While Eoin was visiting his brother in Uganda in 2016, he picked up a SCOBY - and brewed the first Booch in his kitchen. 

We like to joke that Booch has a Ugandan “mother”. All kombucha is made from a “mother” or SCOBY most commonly gifted from one brewer to the next. This rubbery white disc is what transforms sweet tea into tart, refreshing, and healthy raw kombucha - the tasty probiotic drink that’s been made for thousands of years. 

After years of experimentation, study, and many taste tests later, we bring you, Booch. Made from 100% Kenyan ingredients - from the Oolong tea (a black tea processed in a Chinese style) to the locally grown sugar, fruits, and botanicals, it’s a locally-sourced, locally-made product.

We are pleased to bring you a refreshing, healthy product that Kenyans deserve.

#TrustYourGut and try a Booch today.